Big year ahead for Year 11 teenagers

Colac Trinity College students Meg O’Brien, Madison Searle and Saraid Lenaghan are looking forward to starting Year 11 classes next week.

School is about to get serious for Colac and district students starting Year 11 next week.

The school year at Colac’s Trinity College begins on February 4 and Year 11 students Meg O’Brien, Madison Searle and Saraid Lenaghan said they were ready for the year ahead.

Meg said she would put more effort in this year so she could attend university after graduating.

She will study maths methods, psychology, music performance, drama, English and religious education.

“I want to go to uni but I’m not sure what I want to study, I’ve kept my subjects pretty general so it doesn’t close off any options,” she said.

Saraid said her summer holidays involved going to the beach, earning extra money and holiday homework.

Her Year 11 subjects are maths methods, biology, chemistry, health and human development, English and religious education.

“I don’t really feel prepared, but I don’t want to stress out too much and then burn out,” she said.

All three students will also take a Year 12 class this year – Meg and Madison will study health and human development, while Saraid will take psychology.

“We had holiday homework for the Year 12 subject and it was a fair bit,” Madison said.

“I think you have to stay focused during the year but have fun along the way because you don’t want to be scared about it,” she said.

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