Farm studies give options

Deans Marsh’s Kristy Stewart says she will probably accept an offer to study agriculture at Melbourne’s La Trobe University.

A Colac district teen hopes to combine agriculture studies with a passion for aid work.

Melbourne’s La Trobe University offered Deans Marsh’s Kristy Stewart a spot in its agriculture course in last week’s first-round university offers.

Ms Stewart, daughter of Deans Marsh’s Jill and Andrew Stewart, said she would probably take up the offer.

Ms Stewart said she would wait to see if Monash University offered her a place in its arts course in next month’s second-round offers but she was happy with the agriculture offer.

The Trinity College graduate said she hoped to do overseas aid work after her degree.

Ms Stewart, 18, plans to work at stock camps either in the Kimberley region of Western Australia or in the Northern Territory for the first few months of her gap year.

She said a three-month trip around Asia was also on the horizon.

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