Carpark death probe finds barriers unsafe

Ryan Robbins fell to his death on February 4.

A MELBOURNE City Council review has found barriers are unsafe at an inner-city car park where a Colac teen died.

The City of Melbourne has ordered the owner of the Russell Street car park, where Ryan Robbins fell to his death on February 4, to improve the safety of some of the car park’s barriers within 14 days.

A City of Melbourne spokesman said the council had delivered a building order to the owner’s representative stating the heights of some of the barriers in the car park were below the national building standards.

Under the Australian Building Code, any floor or walkway where someone could fall one metre or more must have barriers at least one metre high.

The Russell Street building was constructed before the code was established.

The spokesman could not say whether the review found that the barriers were unsafe on the level from which Mr Robbins fell or how much higher barriers needed to be.

Wilson Parking, which manages the car park but does not own the building, said in a statement that it had provided video footage of the incident to police.

Mr Robbins’ grandmother Patricia Schroeter said a police report given to the family said the 19-year-old was distracted writing a text message when he fell over a barrier after a night out.

Mrs Schroeter said the council’s findings provided relief but she would not be satisfied until multi-level car parks were fully enclosed.

She said 3AW Melbourne radio reporter Sebastian Costello had personally measured the barriers on the floor from which Mr Robbins fell and found them to be 86cm high.

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