Colac police officer in flood relief effort

Colac’s Leading Senior Constable Terry Woodcroft stands on a 20-tonne boat which broke from its moorings on the Brisbane River and washed up in a car park.

A Colac policeman on the frontline of Queensland’s flood recovery efforts could move further north to help victims of Cyclone Yasi.

Leading Senior Constable Terry Woodcroft of Colac police is in Brisbane as part of an interstate police team patrolling flood-affected areas.

“Our primary role is to drive out each day to particular areas all over Brisbane and right up to Grantham which was damaged badly, and patrol vacant houses and businesses through the day and night,” Sen Const Woodcroft said.

Sen Cost Woodcroft said his team anxiously waited for news when Cyclone Yasi struck the coast of far-north Queensland early yesterday.

“That’s the next big thing we’re working out now, the authorities are trying to assess how much damage has occurred up there and whether Victoria Police will be further deployed,” Sen Const Woodcroft said.

Sen Const Woodcroft said the level of destruction after central Queensland’s floods was “constantly amazing”.

“It’s hard to get over, if it wasn’t for the marks on houses and debris up in trees then it would be hard to imagine there being that much water,” he said.

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