Colac youth texting before car park fall

Ryan Robbins was texting when he fell from a carpark.

THE  grandmother of Colac teenager Ryan Robbins, who died after falling from a multi-storey car park, says her grandson fell because he was text-messaging.

Winchelsea’s Patricia Schroeter said security footage from the Melbourne car park showed the 19-year-old was texting on his phone before he fell to his death on Friday morning.

Mrs Schroeter said Mr Robbins had been at a Melbourne nightclub with his friends after a trade school function when he offered to escort two girls from the nightclub to their car.

“He was being a gentleman, he didn’t even know the girls but they didn’t have a man with them so he offered to walk them to their car in the car park,” Mrs Schroeter said.

“Unfortunately he was separated from his friends then, so he got out his phone to ask them where they were, he was distracted, and he fell from the seventh level,” she said.

Mrs Schroeter said the details of Mr Robbins’ death were in a police report her daughter received on Friday.

Mrs Schroeter called for compulsory safety barriers in all car parks.

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