Farmers enjoy relief of lamb price boom

South Cundare’s Bill Alston oversees his flock with the help of his dogs Bo, left, and Ice.

COLAC district farmers riding a roller coaster of sheep prices say they continue to hit new highs.

Warncoort’s Malcolm Little said he hoped to take advantage of boom-time prices when he sold up to 300 lambs next month.

“If you’d have asked me six months ago whether we’d see prices stay high for this long, I wouldn’t have believed it,” he said.

Meat and Livestock Australia figures show saleyard prices for slaughter lambs continue to increase, with last week’s national trade and heavy lamb indicators lifting 29 cents and 24 cents a kilogram cwt.

The national trade lamb indicator was at 625 cents and the heavy lamb indicator at 615 cents a kilogram cwt.

Mr Little said a 100-year low in national sheep numbers had boosted export prices.

South Cundare’s Bill Alston, son of Jan and Jim Alston, helps manage his family’s flock of merinos.

“We sold a few not long ago and the prices were very good, it’s an all-time high really,” Mr Alston said.

“Because we’re breeders and we’re focused on selling it’s good news, but it’s not the same if you’re looking to buy more.”

Warncoort sheep and grain farmer Scott Dennis has 2000 breeding ewes and said he planned to put additional weight on his sheep before heading to the saleyards.

“It looks like prices are going to stay high so we’re holding off on selling ours until they put some more weight on,” Mr Dennis said.

“Especially since we’ve got a fair bit of feed around, it makes sense to wait a while,” he said.

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