Police target motorcyclists

MOTORCYCLISTS were the target of a weekend blitz on Colac district’s coastal roads.

State Highway Patrol acting sergeant Paul Emmanuel said patrol cars pulled over “heaps of bikes” along the Great Ocean Road and surrounding back roads.

“We’re sort of basically going from Torquay down to Lorne,” he said.

“We’re mainly concentrating on motorbikes, but obviously cars as well.”

Sgt Emmanuel said the traffic blitz was part of a state-wide operation called Yellow Flag Black Flag.

“Firstly we’re looking at pulling people over to see if they’ve got the right sort of safety gear on,” he said.

“And checking to see if the rider is licensed to ride that sized motorcycle.”

Sgt Emmanuel said officers also patrolled for vehicles which put motorcyclists at risk.

“So talking on mobile phones, crossing double lines, doing u-turns where you can’t, and crossing single white lines,” he said.

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