Police target motorcyclists

Police plan to target motorcyclists in the Great Otway National Park.

A COLAC policeman has warned motorcycle riders to carry a licence and register their vehicles – or face harsh penalties.

Sergeant Shane Howard of Colac Highway Patrol said police had plans in place to start targeting people at trail heads in the Otways.

Sgt Howard said the Great Otway National Park was a popular spot for motorcycle riders.

“People should be aware that they could be intercepted and face harsh penalties,” he said.

“If they aren’t registered they face fairly stiff penalties which are $597 for unlicensed riders and generally $358 for unregistered riders.”

Sgt Howard’s warning came in the wake of a government audit which found road safety authorities failed to pay sufficient attention to unreported and off-road crashes.

Sgt Howard confirmed a “large majority of accidents” occurred off-road.

“If they’re on an unregistered bike and are unlicensed they’re not covered by TAC,” he said.

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