‘Stupid’ learners caught in unregistered car

Police have slammed two learner drivers as "stupid" after catching them driving an unregistered car twice on the Princes Highway.

“IT’S JUST stupidity.”

That was Camperdown’s Senior Constable Marty Howells’ assessment after police caught two L-platers driving the same unregistered car twice in an hour.

Sen Const Howells said Camperdown police caught a 28-year-old male Warrnambool learner driver in an unregistered Holden Commodore about 1pm yesterday.

“We got a learner driver in an unregistered car, no qualified driver sitting beside him and no L-plates up,” he said.

“He’s not covered by TAC insurance, he’s not a qualified driver and he’s taking his life and everyone else’s life in his hands by being on the road.”

Sen Const Howells said Colac Highway Patrol picked up the Commodore again half an hour later at Colac West – this time with a female learner, 22, behind the wheel.

He said the drivers faced fines of $1300 for each infringement.

“It was pretty stupid on their behalf,” he said.

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