RSL says no to shrine fence

Colac RSL president Reg O'Reilly supports RSL manager Daryl Lawrence's opposition to fencing Colac's war memorial.

COLAC RSL will not fence the city’s war memorial to prevent vandalism.

A Colac Herald reader suggested building a gated fence around the memorial which the RSL could lock at night, or which could be accessed by key.

Colac police also proposed a fence to address an ongoing vandalism problem.

But RSL manager Daryl Lawrence ruled out the idea of fencing the shrine, built in remembrance of First World War servicemen and women.

“It has been discussed and it will not happen,” he said.

“It’s a public monument and people come here to visit it, and they don’t want to see it behind a fence.

“Coming to get a key from the RSL club is totally impractical.

“Every building in the town is up for vandalism and you can’t go fencing everything off,” Mr Lawrence said.

“What we need to be doing is educating people and dealing with the culprits.”

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