Customers make work special

Healthwise Pharmacy area manager Merrilyn Quantrell is the Westvic Staffing Solutions Employee of the Month.

MERRILYN Quantrell loves her job – and says it’s her staff and customers that make her work special.

Ms Quantrell is area manager for Healthwise’s Colac pharmacies, and is the latest Westvic Staffing Solutions Employee of the Month.

She divides her time between two pharmacies on Bromfield Street and the R.P. Hynes store on Corangamite Street, managing about 30 staff.

“I do all the ordering, I do all the buying for both pharmacies I just oversee the day-to-day running of both pharmacies, I split my time between the two – so there’s very good time management required,” she said, adding that she did not know who nominated her.

“I think I’m quite passionate about my employment, I really like to make sure everything’s running smooth and our team and our customers are quite happy.”

Ms Quantrell said her job also involved organising training for staff, rostering and looking after problems when – and if – they arose.

“It’s full on, but it’s very rewarding to see our staff members grow and see staff members happy,” she said.

“And I’m really passionate about the training, we really need to be up-to-date with all our production.”

Ms Quantrell described her staff and customers as “like a family”.

“If you give to them, you just get it back. They’re a fabulous team – they just work hard and they take responsibility for their jobs, as well,” she said.

Ms Quantrell started at the pharmacy when she moved to the area five years ago, having previously worked as a pharmacy manager in Melbourne.

“When I first started I was on three days a week in the dispensary as a dispensary assistant, I then became a retail manager and then the area manager,” she said.

This nomination is not the first honour for Ms Quantrell, she was a finalist for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Pharmacy Assistant of the Year.

“I got into the final 15, that was a real honour, to make that I was very overwhelmed,” she said.

As employee of the month, Ms Quantrell becomes one of 12 finalists for the Westvic Staffing Solutions Employee of the Year as part

of the Powercor Colac Otway Business Awards in October.

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