Police catch suspect with pants down

Colac police have interviewed a man in relation to the Colac pervert case.

POLICE have arrested a Colac man in relation to a spate of public masturbation offences, after a police officer caught him allegedly in the act.

Victims have expressed their relief that police have charged a man for masturbating in a car in public.

Senior Constable Lisa Hill of Colac police intercepted a man in Harris Road, Elliminyt, sitting in a vehicle matching a description previously provided to police.

Leading Senior Constable Peter Howie said police interviewed a man, 23, on Thursday in relation to six offences of indecent exposure.

“As a result of the excellent description provided by the female victims and observations, Senior Constable Hill identified the same male committing a similar offence on Harris Road,” he said.

“He’ll be charged on summons to appear at the Colac Magistrate’s Court.”

Three Colac women have reported separate incidents in the past fortnight of a man masturbating in a car while watching or following them.

One of the victims spoke to the Colac Herald and said she was “relieved” when police called and told her they had made an arrest.

“I feel sorry for him, I hope he gets the help he needs,” she said.

“Hopefully he realises that it makes people uncomfortable and he’ll stop.”

The victim said she had since avoided the car park where the incident occurred last week.

Another victim said she was also relieved.

“Hopefully the police catching him saves other people from seeing it,” she said.

“I’m hoping he’ll face the proper consequences that he deserves, but also I think he needs some mental help because he’s obviously got a problem,” she said.

Sen Cont Howie encouraged any other victims to come forward and speak to police if they had seen similar offences.

“Police don’t consider him a threat but urge people to contact Senior Constable Hill if they’ve witnessed similar behaviour,” he said.

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