Search for missing Geelong man continues

Geelong's Daniel O'Keeffe has been missing for more than a month. The Colac Herald previously reported up to 10 unconfrimed sightings of the 24 year old in Colac and district.

JUST look at his face.

Missing Geelong man Daniel O’Keeffe’s family is asking all Australians to spend a few seconds “really looking at his face”.

Mr O’Keeffe, 24, went missing from his Geelong home more than a month ago, and the Colac Herald has previously reported up to 10 unconfirmed sightings of Mr O’Keeffe in Colac and district.

His family and girlfriend have since had a relentless campaign to find Mr O’Keeffe, and have hired a private investigator and started a website.

They have also started an All Eyes on Daniel movement, which begins today, and have encouraged the more than 9500 members of a dedicated Facebook page to distribute posters of Mr O’Keeffe around their communities.

The family wants every Australian to recognise Mr O’Keeffe’s face.

“Imagine it with facial hair too. Try to keep his features in your mind, not just this weekend, but until we have found him,” the missing person page says.

“With all of your eyes, we will find him,” it said.

Mr O’Keeffe’s girlfriend Susie Mansfield previously appealed to Colac district farm owners to check open sheds and shelters, believing Mr O’Keeffe, who has depression, might have sought refuge since his disappearance on July 15.

Anyone who sees Mr O’Keeffe should phone 000 or the family’s private investigator on 1300 474 669.

The website detailing the search,, includes pictures of Mr O’Keeffe and a request for people to donate to the cause.

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