Snitch rears nasty head

POLICE want Colac and district teens to abandon defamatory social network pages.

Colac youth resource officer Leading Senior Constable Terry Woodcroft said people power could force the end of Facebook groups which posted rumours and gossip about youths.

The call comes after an Apollo Bay Snitch page on Facebook reappeared on Friday and promptly disappeared again at the weekend.

The Snitch made headlines in March for spreading rumours of teens’ alleged sexual and criminal behaviour.

Sen Const Woodcroft said pages such as the Snitch thrived on attention.

“They thrive on the adds they get and I want people to vote with their feet and report, block and delete them,” he said.

“Because they will wither up and die if they don’t get the attention they’re seeking.”

But Sen Const Woodcroft had nothing but compliments for Facebook group Colac District Compliments.

“More power to them, as long as they can keep it on track,” he said.

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