Valiant battle against parking fine

Charlie Buchanan says adding the words “other conditions apply” to parking signs around Colac would dispel confusion about the definition of a loading zone.

COLAC’S Charlie Buchanan says he will not pay his parking fine as a matter of principle.

Mr Buchanan received a $119 fine for parking his Valiant in a loading zone for 15 minutes outside the building he owns on Colac’s Murray Street.

He said he was “loading” on the wet January day he received the fine; moving crowbars and shovels from his car to unblock a drainpipe in his property.

But authorities have told Mr Buchanan that he was parked illegally because his vehicle did not display any signs.

“I was working on the building and from time to time if a park wasn’t available there I would use it to pick up laundry etcetera,” Mr Buchanan said.

“I was unaware that I was doing something illegal; I thought that because we’ve got the business we were allowed to do those sorts of things,” he said.

Mr Buchanan said he filled in a form in dispute of the infringement and had spoken to officers at the council about the circumstances of his actions, but he said the fine still applied.

He has since urged the council to show “soul and heart” and recognise the point of fairness.

Mr Buchanan will argue his case at a magistrate’S court.

Colac Otway Shire Council environment and community safety manager Stewart Anderson said it would be inappropriate to comment on a matter that was in the hands of the court.

“Infringements are issued in accordance with the relevant legislation being the road safety road rules 2009,” Mr Anderson said.

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