Youth group’s launch proves Dynamic

Colac Dynamic youth group members Tom Hamblin and Jess Layton with Colac Otway Shire mayor Brian Crook at the launch of the new diversity group’s banner.

ORGANISERS have hailed the launch of Colac’s new Dynamic youth group as a success.

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4 Responses to “Youth group’s launch proves Dynamic”

  1. Tanya Taylor

    Oh for heavens sake Andy I think you and Joel Creasy are using this as a publicity stunt. I am gay and I was there on Saturday. Stop making everything about you!!!

  2. One small bunch of idiots does not speak for the town as a whole. They obviously waited outside for someone to have a go at and all the carry on is doing is feeding their egos.
    The MAJORITY of residents are not homophobic, the MAJORITY of youths are not homophobic.
    The MAJORITY of residents recognise that what these idiots did was wrong, we do not support or condone their actions and the MAJORITY of residents would never have considered joining in.
    This is part of a well known bunch of idiots in this town, and the MAJORITY of us want nothing to do with them.

  3. Serious? A success? I don’t think so! No mention of Joel Creasey in this article whatsoever… you people are weak!

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