Singer adds voice to Colac movie

The Vasco Era’s Sid O’Neil has recorded a song for Colac film Reverse Runner.

RUNNING backwards has never sounded this good.

The Vasco Era’s lead singer Sid O’Neil, who hails from Apollo Bay, has lent his voice to Colac film Reverse Runner, recording a song for the movie.

Filmmaker Lachlan Ryan said O’Neil was “amazing” to watch in action.

“It’s like you get your own private performance,” Ryan said.

“He just knocked it out of the park, I was sort of expecting it would take heaps of takes but he’s such a pro that it comes naturally and he can nail it in a few takes,” he said.

Ryan said the movie’s composer, Thomas Rouch, wrote the song Backwards As They Come, which O’Neil recorded at Rouch’s studio at Heidelberg, Melbourne, this month.

“He wrote all the musical parts and then we got Sid involved, we asked him ‘hey man, we’ve got a song and we’ve got you in mind for the vocals’,” Ryan said.

“I think he checked out the Reverse Runner Facebook page and was keen to jump on board and we nutted out the melody and the actual lyrics,” he said.

“We’re really happy with the end result.”

Ryan said he and fellow filmmaker Jarrod Theodore hoped to complete the project within months.

“You can always keep improving it but I’d say within months we’ll be looking to premiere it at international film festivals,” he said.

“We’re going along with colour grading and visual effects, it’s all coming along well.”

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