Speed victim’s family talks to students

Discovering tragic ripple effect

Road accident victim Luke Robinson’s family – mother Leanne, brother Jai and father Norm – will speak to Colac Secondary College students today.

TAKING risks behind the wheel can have disastrous consequences.

That’s the message Colac Secondary College’s Year 11 students will confront today, when the family of a speeding victim visits the school.

Luke Robinson, 19, died in March last year when he lost control of his car at Lovely Banks near Geelong, and his family hopes to discourage others from speeding by talking about a “tragic ripple effect caused by every death from speeding”.

Luke’s father Norm will lead the presentation, which includes stories and photos of the collision.

Colac Otway Shire Youth Council organised the road safety forum and youth councillor Josh Morrissy said the group hoped to educate Colac and district youths about the consequences of taking risks on the road.

“So they can see what can possibly happen when they get their

P-plates and drive on their own,” Josh said.

The Robinson family appears in a Transport Accident Commission Everybody Hurts When You Speed advertisement, which appears below.

Everybody Hurts When You Speed


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