Thieves steal bison head

COLAC police are investigating the theft of a bison head from a property at Forrest.

Thieves stole the bison head, along with two guitars, a chainsaw, a wicker basket and a knife set from a Boundary Road holiday home, which was last occupied on June 26.

Police have released a photo of a bison head stolen from a property at Forrest.

The owners discovered the break-in when they returned to their home in late August.

Detective Chris Potter of Colac Criminal Investigation Unit said the owners had spent “a lot of time and money” building a collection of unusual items.

“The head is of great sentimental value and they miss him terribly and they’re very keen to get him back and obviously we’re keen to recover all their property and identify the offenders if possible,” he said.

Det Potter urged Colac district residents to keep watch of their neighbours’ properties and contact police if they saw anything suspicious.

“We urge everyone to be on the lookout, over the last couple of months there has been several burglaries from isolated properties,” he said.

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