Off to Melbourne to visit the Queen

Colac’s Sacred Heart Primary School pupils Ruby Buchanan and Deakin Carmichael will meet the Queen in Melbourne today, with school principal Jack Lenaghan, centre.

TWO Colac children will be in the presence of royalty today.

Colac’s Sacred Heart Primary School pupils Deakin Carmichael and Ruby Buchanan will travel to Melbourne with their principal Jack Lenaghan to meet the Queen.

Deakin and Ruby, from Grade Six, said they were excited about meeting Her Royal Highness.

But their parents were more excited.

“Mum’s been teaching me how to curtsy and she wants me to invite the Queen down,” Ruby said.

“Mum’s really excited but kind of shocked because I told her after basketball, because I forgot,” Deakin said.

The Queen and Prince Philip will be in Melbourne from 11.10am to 3.15pm, and their itinerary comprises a hospital visit, a tour of the National Gallery of Victoria and a reception at Government House.

Mr Lenaghan said the school drew Ruby and Deakin’s names out of a hat, after receiving an elusive invitation to the Government House reception.

“The invitations arrived completely out of the blue last week,” he said.

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