Another attack on Colac shrine

Vandals have defaced Colac's Shrine of Remembrance for the third time this year.

VANDALS have defaced Colac’s iconic Shrine of Remembrance for a third time this year.

Police are investigating a paint attack on the shrine, which left bright red paint on the monument’s side.

The Colac Herald spotted the damage during Friday’s Carols by Candlelight and Colac Cleaning Services cleaned the paint with “pressure cleaning” on Monday, after a request from Colac Otway Shire Council.

Red paint was still visible on the pavement yesterday.

“There may be some paint residue left but they cleaned it as well as they could,” a council spokeswoman said.

“We have notified police and sent photographs of the graffiti to them,” she said.

Colac Returned and Services League president Reg O’Reilly said he was disappointed about the latest vandalism attack.

“I’m not very happy about that,” Mr O’Reilly said.

“What can you say? It’s a shame. Thousands and thousands sacrificed their lives for their country and people carry on like that,” he said.

Security cameras could monitor Memorial Square from early 2012, after the council secured $300,000 from the State Government for a closed-circuit television camera system.

Council infrastructure and services general manager Neil Allen described the attack as a “tremendous disappointment to the community”.

“This is a memorial for people who sacrificed their lives for our country and to desecrate it is simply disgusting,” Mr Allen said.

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