New name, new member and new EP

Colac and district band The Attics, from left, are new member Dylan Johnson, guitarist and vocalist Cameron Wade, drummer Toby Johnson and bassist Joshua Ryan.

A COLAC and district band has had a busy month, recruiting a new member, changing its name and recording its first EP.

Colac guitarist and singer Cameron Wade, bass guitarist Josh Ryan, Apollo Bay drummer Toby Johnson and his brother, new member and keyboardist Dylan Johnson, make up alternative rock band The Attics, formerly Erepato.

“We decided to change the name because people kept asking us what it meant and no one could pronounce it properly,” Ryan said.

“The Attics is a bit of a tribute to Cameron’s main influence The Antlers, one of their albums is called In the Attic of the Universe,” he said.

“We also rehearse in an attic so it’s kind of fitting.”

The band finished recording its first EP, The Truth Is, on Christmas Eve at Tetris Studios at Brunswick.

Ryan said that although the three-day recording process was “pretty rushed”, he was pleased with the six-track record, which will feature singles Lucy and Truth.

“It was a good time to do it – it was nice and quiet around the studio and we got a lot of good recording time in,” Ryan said.

“It was a massive experience, we recorded it all live as a band to try and capture our live sounds – a little bit raw,” he said.

“We tried to mix up the feel of a heap of songs, there’s two big, epic, long, theatrical kind of songs, a few pop ones and two very soft ones – it gives it a good range of dynamics.”

Ryan said the addition of a keyboardist, Dylan Johnson, brought “a bit of complexity” to the band’s sound.

“He’s mainly on keys but we’ll put him on guitar at live shows,” Ryan said.

“It’s been great, with the three of us we were kind of lacking a solo sound over the top – it adds a bit of complexity to the music,” he said.

“It’s a bit of icing on a very nice cake.”

Ryan, who will start tertiary studies in Melbourne this year, said the band looked to playing more live shows this year, starting with a gig at Colac’s Straight Shooters on February 4.

He said the band hoped to release its EP by mid-February.

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