Colac crime down but burglaries up

COLAC and district’s crime rate has fallen 11.3 per cent, despite a rise in burglaries.

Inspector Bruce Kitchen, who oversees Colac Otway and Surf Coast shires, said burglary prevention would be a priority for police.

“Our main concerns within the PSA are residential burglaries, which are up 15.7 per cent, and theft from and of motor cars which are up 13.9 per cent and 11.8 per cent respectively,” Insp Kitchen said.

“Intelligence tells us that a large proportion of these burglaries and thefts could have been prevented by locking doors and windows to homes, locking cars when you park them in your driveway and not leaving valuables in sight of potential thieves.

“In response to this issue, the community will notice some work by our crime prevention officer and community liaison team visiting across the PSA with some strategies to assist residents.”

The burglary figures, from January to December 2011, are set to rise after Colac’s burglary spree this year.

Insp Kitchen said there were 10 road accident deaths from October 2010 to September 2011.

“Our number of fatalities is similar over the past rolling 12-month period, however one fatal accident is one too many,” Insp Kitchen said.

“Injury collisions have continued to trend down, however off-road motorcycle accidents are still an issue.

“Our total injury collisions are down 2.4 per cent – currently we are targeting off-road motorcyclists through TAC funding to reduce collisions.”

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