Police nab bold motorcycle thief

A QUICK-THINKING Colac Highway Patrol officer has arrested a Colac youth more than 30 kilometres from where he allegedly stole a motorbike.

Detective Stuart Sims of Colac Criminal Investigation Unit said detectives were investigating the theft of a motorbike from a property at Coragulac, north-west of Colac, when Leading Senior Constable John Lee nabbed the Colac teenager, 14, near Cressy.

Det Sims said the boy allegedly went to the Corangamite Lake Road property and stole the blue Peewee 80cc motorbike about 9.30pm Sunday.

He said the boy allegedly walked the bike out of the property and knocked on the door of a neighbouring property to get help to start the bike.

Det Sims said the neighbour, who was unaware it was a stolen motorbike, showed the boy how to turn the petrol switch on and then the boy rode the bike into Colac and hid it overnight.

He said the owners called police on Monday morning when they noticed the bike was gone.

“We were out checking the burg and John has seen the motorbike cruising along Colac-Ballarat Road at Cressy,” Det Sims said.

“We were there about 11.45am and that’s when John gave us a call – he identified some Hawthorn stickers on the bike and we said ‘that’d be the one’,” he said.

“Most traffic police would have just issued a ticket and left it at that but he actually recognised that was the bike we were looking for.”

Det Sims said police charged the boy with burglary, theft and unlicensed driving and summonsed him to appear at children’s court next month.

“He had never ridden a motorbike before so he’s actually lucky he didn’t come off and hurt himself or die,” he said.

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