Tuna arrive off Apollo Bay

SCHOOLS of southern bluefin tuna have made early appearances off the coast at Apollo Bay.

Apollo Bay angler Wayne Malady said the migrating tuna had arrived earlier than in previous years.

“Normally they’re in around the end of April but they’ve come a few weeks earlier this year,” Mr Malady said.

“And normally they’re out at 26-mile reef but they’re as close as nine and 11-mile reefs and just off the coast of Cape Otway, so they’re much closer in than usual,” he said.

The tuna influx attracts hundreds of anglers to Apollo Bay each year, with catches in excess of 100 kilograms.

Mr Malady said he expected more anglers to converge on the coastal town in search of tuna at the end of the month.

“Right now it’s fairly quiet on the water, although word is getting around town pretty quickly,” he said.

“I’m sure there’ll be quite a few coming from Colac to the coast for the weekends.

“And right now there’s catches of about 20 kilograms but the much bigger ones come later.”

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