Fears for brolgas near wind farm

Birregurra’s Jorda Burnett has researced the impact a proposed wind farm at Mount Gellibrand would have on brolgas and other birds.

BIRREGURRA residents are concerned a Colac district wind farm will harm brolgas and migratory birds.

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2 Responses to “Fears for brolgas near wind farm”

  1. The bird and bat of Acciona??? So does this mean that the fewer birds that killed the better – never mind if the local population has almost vanished…

  2. Hamish Cumming

    Acciona already know there will be a problem with Brolga and raptors at this wind farm. They have admitted killing 6 eagles in the first two years of Waubra operation at the 30 turbines that they are sporadically monitoring. They have omitted three months data in the first year in these figures, and refuse to disclose what birds were killed in those three months, so we could expect the truth would show a lot higher number of eagle deaths. If you extrapolate the admitted deaths over the total time frame of operation and the total number of turbines that are not being monitored at all, the eagle death toll alone will exceed 20 birds. This number of eagle deaths at Woolnorth in Tasmania shut down the wind farm until real time monitoring and shut down procedures were put in place. Yet nothing is done at Waubra, and DSE just appear to say it is an acceptable number of deaths.
    The deaths may reduce in time, mainly because the population has been exterminated.
    And by the way, Brolga deaths have been reported at Waubra, and Brolga have been permanently displaced from their nesting and feeding home ranges but Acciona and DSE refuse to own up to the fact. USA research projects analyzing the interaction of cranes (Brolga family) with wind farms have proven that wind farms should not be built within 5 to 8 km of brolga nest home ranges and flocking sites, yet Acciona and other wind farms are building within 700m of Brolga nests, and DSE are doing nothing to stop them.
    In fact DSE data has been removed from the DSE Atlas in many cases to make the wind farm consultants reports look more believable.
    Shame on you wind industry for not telling the truth and shame on you DSE for not making them.

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