Whales’ antics delight onlookers

Colac’s Karen Parker photographed whales off Apollo Bay at the weekend.

COLAC’S Karen Parker has described seeing three whales off Apollo Bay as “awesome”.

Mrs Parker was taking her son Steven to a football match when she spotted the whales between Skenes Creek and Apollo Bay.

“There was one was out on its own, they were playing, it was awesome,” she said.

“To me they looked like humpback whales.”

Mrs Parker said she was lucky she had her camera and long lens with her to take good photos of the whales playing in the water.

“I was going down to the footy and had my lens all ready for the footy,” she said.

Apollo Bay and Lorne Visitor Information centres received reports of whales during Saturday, but not confirmation of their species.

There was a reported sighting of humpbacks at Wild Dog Beach, and a sighting of southern-right whales in the Apollo Bay Harbour.

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