Woman injured in footpath fall

Carole Kanngieser after falling on an Apollo Bay footpath and before the fall.

AN Apollo Bay woman says she is scared to walk the town’s streets after tripping on a cracked footpath and injuring her face and body.

Carole Kanngieser has warned the town’s footpaths are a lawsuit waiting to happen after she caught her foot in a hole in the kerb of the footpath and landed face-first on the road.

The cuts, bruises and swelling to her face left her unrecognisable for days.

“I’m feeling very frustrated, feel like I’ve lost my nerve since I’ve fallen,” Mrs Kanngieser said.

“This fall has left me very shaken and concerned about walking around the town,” she said.

Mrs Kanngieser said she had also suffered bruising to her knee and went to hospital after the fall on August 2 near a supermarket in Hardy Street.

“My face in particular has been extremely painful and I was unrecognisable for the following days,” she said.

Mrs Kanngieser said she wanted the Colac Otway Shire Council to fix the footpath, before anyone else got hurt.

“I’ve now started to look around to where that is, and the kerbing is all smashed in all places,” she said.

“Once it happens to you, you really wake up and think you need to do something.”

Mrs Kanngieser said she wondered what Apollo Bay’s tourists thought of the state of the town’s footpaths.

“They’ve got to do something, with all the tourists down here, they’re going to get sued badly one of these days,” she said.

“I think they’re going to need more than upgrading.”

Mrs Kanngieser said her husband Robert had been complaining to the council for “a good ten years” about the footpaths.

“We have tried and tried to try and get the council to do something about the potholes,” she said.

“Rob and another man have been taking it to the forum meetings.”

The Otway Forum meets once a month to discuss issues in the Apollo Bay district.



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