Cyclists raise thousands for charities

A CROSS-COUNTRY bike ride has helped raise more than $10,000 for breast cancer support and sudden infant death syndrome.

Colac district cyclists Holly Lusher and Cathy Moffat returned from their 3000 ks in 30 Days campaign this week, having ridden from Perth to Melbourne during September.

Lusher said she had almost raised $5000 for the McGrath Foundation while Moffat had almost raised $7000 for Sids and Kids.

Colac cyclists Holly Lusher, left, and Cathy Moffat raised more than $10,000 for the McGrath Foundation and Sids and Kids after a 30-day ride from Perth to Melbourne.

She said she couldn’t believe how generous people had been during their ride.

“We had people coming up to us at service stations and parks giving us upwards of $50 – people would see the bikes and the signs and would be interested in what we were doing,” Lusher said.

“Now I look at a map of Australia and still can’t really believe we rode all that way, it didn’t seem like we rode that far but it was a great experience and we’re lucky enough to be healthy and be able to do it.”

The pair, along with Lusher’s partner Roland Eck who made the trip as a support crew, covered between 150 to 180 kilometres a day with only four days off for the month.

But the trip did not come without obstacles.

“Cathy got bitten on the leg by a bullant or a fireant on one day and sometimes you’d have to fight 40 to 60 k winds, but there was never a time when you didn’t enjoy it,” Lusher said.

“The scariest bit was probably riding through the city in Melbourne right at the end,” she said.

Lusher said whale watching at the Great Australian Bite, visiting Fowlers Bay and Port Augusta had been highlights of the trip, as well as enjoying the wildlife.

“We saw emus, lizards, wombats and a camel in the outback and a few snakes, I nearly ran over a snake at one point,” she said.

People can visit and continue to donate for the causes for the next two months.

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