Maps sending drivers to doom

Drivers face delays on the Great Ocean Road during the next 10 weeks.

DRIVERS using electronic maps have caused near misses and a possible fatality on Colac district roads, with police fearing more deaths are just around the corner.

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3 Responses to “Maps sending drivers to doom”

  1. The GPS that I use has menu choices relating to fastest, shortest, easiest, and most economical. Choosing the shortest route leads to outcomes like the Wild Dog road problem. Every GPS I have used will adjust to the operator, if I ignore the directions and drive where I decide, the machine will recalculate and navigate me to where it assumes I wish to go. Switching off the sound is likely to lead to problems with forewarning turns and intersections. ( Moonlight head story.) The GPS is a tool, a machine that can assist me in getting to where I am going, or give me some awareness of roads etc ahead of me. As a driver, final responsibility for safe operation and navigation of the vehicle is mine alone!

  2. Bahaha… So I guess people are gunna stand up and take notice now a Police officer has spoken up (no offence intended). Seriously, I’ve been telling people that GPS was only gunna cause trouble from the start! How many years have humans roamed the earth without GPS??? LoL
    The only ones to blame for accidents etc happening is the person using the device. Seriously, if ya can’t read a map or signs don’t drive.

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