Woman dies on Otways hike in extreme weather

A GERMAN tourist has died at Cape Otway after hiking through the bush in sweltering heat.

Emergency services arrived to find the 31-year-old tourist dead after she went hiking to Station Beach with another person.

The woman collapsed in 41-degree Celsius heat just before 3pm on Friday, about a kilometre from Bimbi Park Caravan Park where she had been staying.

A woman has died while attempting to hike to Station Beach near Cape Otway.

A woman has died while attempting to hike to Station Beach near Cape Otway.

Bimbi Park Caravan Park’s website said the hike to Station Beach was an 80-minute return trip.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said Friday’s conditions were hot but it was unclear if the heat contributed to the woman’s death.

“When our paramedics got to the scene the female was deceased on arrival,” he said.

“She’d gone into cardiac arrest, she wasn’t breathing.

“How she’s actually died, we don’t know.

“It could be heat-related, it could have been a pre-existing medical condition.”

Mr Mullen said a coroner would determine how the woman died.

Otway State Emergency Service volunteer Karen Lappas said SES members helped police, firefighters and paramedics at the scene of the incident on a sandy track near Manna Gum Drive, Cape Otway.

She said tourists hiking on the Great Ocean Walk frequently got into trouble.

“We’ve had many call-outs there, this is the first one this year,” Ms Lappas said.

“It’s very inaccessible in many areas.

“People do not often know where they are.”

Ms Lappas said that while the woman’s cause of death was unknown, it was a dangerous day for hiking.

“It’s very sad,” she said.

“I don’t know why anyone would be out there walking on that day.

“I’d be warning people definitely not to walk on those sorts of days.

“A lot of these people have come from places that have never had a bushfire.”

Ms Lappas said the death was a warning to take at least one litre of water per person on hikes.

“And not Powerade and not Coke and not Fanta, just water,” she said.

Cape Otway’s highest temperature on record is 43.3 degrees.

2 Responses to “Woman dies on Otways hike in extreme weather”

  1. Lorne resident

    Not only international tourists do stupid things, just go down the main st in Lorne on any day of the summer holidays and you will see some of the most idiotic pedestrian acts as well as extremely poor and inattentive driving. People should always research the country they are going to and not just from the Lonely Planet guide…

  2. jo

    Tourists need to think about what they are doing – it’s not a stroll down the road, and she must have realised just how hot it was. Perhaps the parks need to be closed on total fire ban days for the protection of the tourists. It would help to stop them lighting damn campfires too!