Judges sing praises of sophisticated band

Trinity College band Sophisticated Swing members Yara Alkurd, Renee Karacsay and Emily Marsh.

Trinity College band Sophisticated Swing members Yara Alkurd, Renee Karacsay and Emily Marsh.

MELBOURNE music competition judges were so impressed with a Colac band that they gave the band wild-card entry to a grand final.

Trinity College Colac’s band Sophisticated Swing will compete against 10 other bands at the Unleash the Best final at Melbourne’s Iwaki Auditorium on Sunday.

The competition, linked to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, required the bands to submit videos online for the public and judges to vote on.

Sophisticated Swing performed the motown hit 25 Miles and featured dancers, singers and musicians.

Band manager and teacher Sarah Hester said the judges created the wild-card category to let an eleventh band into the final.

“The competition’s judging panel picked what they judged as the two best bands for each of the five categories,” Miss Hester said.

“We didn’t win the category,” she said.

“They were so impressed with the enthusiasm and love for music that Swing had throughout that film clip that they created an extra spot, a wild-card option.”

Miss Hester said the video, which had more than 2700 views, featured about 20 students.

“We were a little bit different in that aspect which I suppose is why the judges gave us that wild card,” she said.

“They had to create and film their own film clip.

“It was just trying to highlight the energy and enthusiasm,” Miss Hester said.

“We had some singers and we had some dancers in there just to show off a multitude of talents.”

Miss Hester said the students were excited for the final, which gave the students a chance to win recording equipment.

“They’re really looking forward to it. It’s such a great opportunity,” she said.

“All the bands battle it off live for the title of winning band.”

Sophisticated Swing will play three songs at the final, likely to be 25 Miles, A Little Bit Less Conversation and Heat Wave.

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