Put education ahead of politics


The table shows funding growth for Colac district schools under the Federal Government plan. Click for a closer view.

SCHOOL principals say governments must put children’s futures ahead of politics to secure a $24-million boost to Colac and district school funding.

The Federal Government promised Colac and district schools would receive an extra $24 million a year by 2019 if the State Government signed up to its Gonski education reforms.

Three state governments have signed up to the reforms but Victoria is yet to agree.

The Federal Government says the plan would more than double Colac Primary School’s funding, giving the school an extra $1.2 million a year.

Colac Primary School principal Shelby Papadopoulos urged the State Government to work with the Federal Government to secure the funding.

“It’s more than a fight between state and federal government, it’s about our kids’ future,” Ms Papadopoulos said.

“It would mean we would be able to implement literary and numeracy support programs that do operate in other schools under national partnerships funding.

“The current model of funding disadvantages my school,” she said.

“An increase of 52-per-cent funding cannot be ignored.”

Colac Secondary College would receive an extra $4 million a year under the promise, an increase of 42 per cent on its funding for 2014.

Colac Secondary College principal Simon Dewar said the new funding would provide the “best possible education experience for every student”.

“The funding allocation under this model would allow all schools to be on a level playing field,” Mr Dewar said.

“The numbers alone show the importance to me in terms of why the government needs to sign up,” he said.

“It’s important that there’s equality across the board and that families can choose the educational setting that suits their needs,” Mr Dewar said.

“There’s already an endless number of really good programs that are happening at Colac Secondary College,” he said.

“This increased funding will allow us to not only continue to offer these programs but ensure they are better quality and don’t impact on limiting to just the highest priority.”

Corangamite MP Darren Cheeseman said there was “no better investment than in education” and encouraged the State Government to sign up.

“This will fund new teachers, equipment, training and the latest in technology,” Mr Cheeseman said.

He said the government was still negotiating with the Catholic and private school sectors.

One Response to “Put education ahead of politics”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Since coming to power in 2010 the State Liberal Government has cut more than $400million from the State Education budget. The Federal government via the Gonski report is planning to spend more than the amount cut by the State yet the Liberal State Government is making every weak and faulty excuse it can not to sign up to Gonski.
    The underlying theme is clear. This State Government is not committed to the State Education System. It’s priorities are for parents sending their children to private schools. The other factor at play is that Abbott no doubt would be urging the State not to sign up to Gonski because he ydoesn’t want the Gillard government to be given credit for improving education in this State and in this country. It’s scandalous the the Liberal Party both State and Federal is willing to play politics with the education of our children.