Councillor quits for students

Cr Mick McCrickard has quit Colac Otway Shire Council.

Cr Mick McCrickard has quit Colac Otway Shire Council.

COLAC Otway Shire councillor Mick McCrickard has resigned from the council after nine months to focus on his role as a teacher.

Cr McCrickard will step away from the council on August 1, with a countback of votes from the October 2012 shire election to determine who will take his place.

The Victorian Electoral Commission countback will be on August 21.

Cr McCrickard said he had been thinking about leaving the council for about two months after having difficulties juggling council duties with his full-time job as a student welfare co-ordinator at Trinity College Colac.

“I was worried I might overlook something here in my role here in wellbeing that might have consequences,” he said.

“Whilst council was very important to me, my first priority is always to the students at Trinity College.”

Cr McCrickard said the reality of being a councillor had lived up to his expectations.

“With my job here, it’s a very intense job,” he said of the welfare role.

“I guess I thought I could come on to council with the best intentions and I thought that I could continue both roles or work out both roles but I just found I didn’t have the energy to do that.

“And I guess if you can’t do something properly then it’s best to acknowledge that.”

Mayor Lyn Russell said the council’s dynamics would change without Cr McCrickard.

“It brings a different personality in; Mick was very calm and cool and thought through the issues,” Cr Russell said.

“He doesn’t argue, he just states his point, very straight down the line.

“The new person could be quite fiery or they could be quite calm and collected.”

Cr Russell, who will take over Cr McCrickard’s role on a G21 health and wellbeing pillar, paid tribute to the departing councillor.

“Mick’s one of those persons who wants to give 150 per cent to everything,” she said.

“He nominated for council for all the right reasons, and during his time as a councillor he has maintained a strong focus on serving our community, in particular our youth and disadvantaged sectors.

“Mick is also leaving for the right reasons and he does so with a great deal of respect from his colleagues and staff here at council.”

Former councillor Frank Buchanan has the highest amount of first-preference votes of the contenders for the vacant spot, but the countback will involve a distribution of preferences.

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  1. jamesbond

    Surely a by-election must be called..!!
    Perhaps now they will reinstate the wards.??