Council looks at entrance options

Colac Otway Shire Council is exploring options to avoid a bottleneck at Colac’s eastern entrance.

Colac Otway Shire Council is exploring options to avoid a bottleneck at Colac’s eastern entrance.

COLAC Otway Shire Council is exploring options to avoid a bottleneck at Colac’s eastern entrance when workers finish a Princes Highway duplication.

Council chief Rob Small said the duplication from Geelong could “quite possibly” lead to a bottleneck but he said the effect of four lanes becoming two in central Colac remained unclear.

“Time will tell, it could be particularly noticeable during peak holiday traffic movements, at which point people might actually opt for a detour,” he said.

“I’ve got a feeling that the traffic isn’t so heavy that it’s going to create some absolute bottleneck through here, but you can’t discount that possibility.

“If that’s proving to be an issue, I think there will be ways of examining it.

“We’re not talking until 2016-17, so there’s a bit of time to consider how we might face those things and whether in fact it does occur.”

Mr Small said the council would try to learn about the potential for bottlenecks from the duplication’s entry to Winchelsea.

“If it doesn’t happen at Winchelsea, it’s highly unlikely to happen here,” he said.

Mr Small said a detour would push traffic onto council-maintained roads, but he said the full cost of maintaining those roads would not necessarily fall on the council.

“It could do, but we might well negotiate something with our friends at VicRoads,” he said.

“You’d also want to be careful that you weren’t putting really heavy traffic onto residential roads, so it’s not an easy one to answer at this stage.”

Mr Small said the highway duplication project would end at central Colac’s eastern entrance at the Murray Street bridge.

He said the council was proceeding with the bridge’s design works and that the duplication could include a new pedestrian and cyclist-safe bridge.

“In the latest discussions we’ve had with VicRoads, they’re looking at the project for the dual highway actually finishing at the bridge,” Mr Small said.

“That may well get in there, so we’ll continue to try and push that,” he said of the potential for the new bridge.

“The information about considering the end of the project being the bridge was something that only came to me recently, so we’re still working away on what that means in terms of what we might leverage out of it.”

2 Responses to “Council looks at entrance options”

  1. Juggy

    Also! How the heck do they think they’re gunna use Winchelsea as a gauge for what to do in Colac??? To start with, Winch population is about 2000 tops and they should of spent the extra and bypassed that joint to start with… No offence Winch, but ya’s are gunna have it one day and its be better now than when its too late.
    So yeah, let these pen pushers waste our money and build a short term solution, then ya’s can all have a whinge in years to come how they should of done it properly in the 1st place.


  2. Juggy

    OMG! Are you seriously telling me that they’re just thinking about this problem now??? I asked my father about it nearly 30yrs ago. If ya look at the history of Colac you will see the current route as being the 3rd not 2nd and you will also see that the roads board of the day didn’t listen lists to locals then either… SURPRISE!!! Now ill stir up the other debate with this, but if they were just to go with the plans of a Bypass around the lake it would save a lot of BS and wasted money. It would also make the lands on the east more viable as residential and at a good price to the seller.