Family violence statistics skyrocket in Colac and district

COlac and district has had an increase in family violence statistics.

FAMILY violence cases have skyrocketed for Colac and district police, with officers responding to more than three cases a day on average.

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One Response to “Family violence statistics skyrocket in Colac and district”

  1. “β€œThere has definitely been a huge campaign against family violence so I think women are more willing now to report,” she said.”

    Now we need support for the men. Actually we’ve always needed support for the men, but comments like this perpetuate the myth that only women are victims of domestic abuse.

    Men are not more willing to come forward. The support services are not set up to help them. They are turned away. That needs to change. It needs to change now.

    We can start with White Ribbon Day being a day against ALL domestic violence. We can start with the posters for White Ribbon Day including numbers for men to ring when they are the VICTIMS of domestic abuse, instead of only listing numbers for anger-management courses.

    Lets help ALL victims of domestic abuse, and acknowledge that women can be the abuser.

    Isn’t it about time that men and women were equal?

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