Man comes forward after assault

Craig Beall was bloodied and bruised after an attack in Colac.

Craig Beall was bloodied and bruised after an attack in Colac.

A MAN has volunteered himself for a police interview over an alleged assault of a teenager in Colac at the weekend.

Colac’s Craig Beall, 19, told the Colac Herald he was walking to the Bendigo Bank ATM in Bromfield Street about 2am Sunday when he was involved in an argument with four people and received a punch to the face.

Colac police’s Senior Sergeant Ken Slingsby said a man attended the city’s police station on Monday for an interview.

“As a result of the article in the paper he’s come in to state he’s the person they’re looking for,” Sen Sgt Slingsby said.

“As a result there are further inquiries pending,” he said.

Sen Sgt Slingsby encouraged people to report assaults to police immediately.

“If people have got any concerns, get assaulted anywhere, please let us know,” he said.

Sergeant Wayne Dennehy said he wanted to see Colac’s streets safe for everyone.

“Once again we take a zero-tolerance approach to all violence, family violence and street violence,” Sgt Dennehy said.

“We would like Colac to become a really safe place for people to walk around day or night,” he said.

Saturday night’s altercation took place in Johnstone’s Lane, out of the view of the city’s closed-circuit television cameras.

But Sgt Dennehey said the cameras were helping police maintain peaceful conditions on the streets late at night.

“We don’t know that anything was going to occur, but we can be there to diffuse situations,” he said.

“It’s also nice knowing that if we get a call, our watchhouse keeper can swing the camera and keep an eye on it.”

Sgt Dennehy said he knew of at least three assaults where vision from the cameras had helped police in their investigations.

“We’ve done some traffic matters too,” he said.


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