Trio’s expensive camping debacle

THREE men’s long weekend camping adventure near Lorne has ended in an expensive debacle, with their vehicle written off and penalties for illegal camping.

Acting Sergeant Mick Atkinson of Lorne police said the men were driving their four-wheel drive on Sharps Track when the driver lost control.

“They were descending down an incline when the driver lost control and the vehicle rolled into a large tree – it destroyed the vehicle,” Act Sgt Atkinson said.

“The front-seat passenger and rear-seat passenger were uninjured and the male driver was taken to Geelong Hospital with minor injuries,” he said.

“What was probably worse for the boys, they were camping in the bush for the night, in an unauthorised camping site, and they left a fire smouldering.”

Act Sgt Atkinson said Parks Victoria attended the trio’s campsite and found the fire had reignited after they left it on Monday.

“The boys will be getting a ticket for unauthorised camping and having a fire in a national park,” he said.

The driver also faces a charge of careless driving.

Act Sgt Atkinson said speed and inexperience in four-wheel driving contributed to the crash.

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