Homestead owner joins Oliver push

Cressy’s Rosie Vaccari has invited celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his Ministry of Food Pop-up Kitchen program to cook in her renovated and spacious kitchen at Yarrima Homestead.

CRESSY homestead owner Rosie Vaccari says the district and her kitchen are the perfect places for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to cook up a storm.

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One Response to “Homestead owner joins Oliver push”

  1. While i agree with the idea of getting a pop-up kitchen in the area in principal, i’m sorry, but the Cressy location instantly excludes everyone without their own transport, and thus some of the most disadvantaged in our community.
    If this were to go ahead, it needs to be in a central area with public transport nearby, not at the neighbourhood house (last time i went there, it was quite clear that it was primarily used by select groups and others were not made welcome. I haven’t bothered to go back since). Perhaps at the College? I’m sure it could be worked around classes and it is near public transport so those without vehicles would not miss out on being able to attend.
    I’m more concerned that bookings for the kitchen will be monopolised and those not in groups will miss out on being able to attend. There needs to be care taken that all who wish to go have a fair chance of doing so. There also needs to be childcare available for those who cannot arrange their own.

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