Vandals damage firefighter’s house

: Colac firefighter Mike Evans returned from extinguishing blazes across Victoria to find vandals had smashed windows at his property.

Colac firefighter Mike Evans returned from fighting blazes across Victoria to find vandals had smashed windows at his property.

VANDALS have damaged a Colac firefighter’s house while he was away fighting blazes across the state.

Mike Evans is appealing for the people who smashed his windows to come forward to help with repairs.

The Country Fire Authority senior instructor returned this week from fighting fires across Victoria to find damage to his Church Street house.

“Someone has thrown stones at the property and broken windows,” Mr Evans said.

“We believe it was on the last two weekends that the damage has been done,” he said.

“It’s very disappointing that people see fit to help me with redecorating that I didn’t need.

“I don’t have the time to clean up, I should be out there assisting our firefighters,” he said.

Mr Evans is appealing to the offenders’ “better side” to come forward and make amends.

“I rely on the human nature of the perpetrators to assist with the clean-up and the replacement of the windows – no questions asked,” he said.

Mr Evans said Colac police were pursuing the damage to his property, which is for sale.

“It’s in the hands of the police, but I don’t see why police should be spending their time on something like this,” he said.

Mr Evans asked the offenders to contact youth resource officer Terry Woodcroft at Colac Police Station to help with repairs.

He encouraged the offenders to consider joining the CFA or other volunteer community groups.

“Instead of using their time destructively, they could consider volunteering their time constructively to help the community,” Mr Evans said.

“I’ve found that by giving people the opportunity for responsibility in a role at the CFA, people have grown as citizens,” he said.

“Sometimes you get a lot better outcome in the long-run.”

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