School site tug-o-war continues

A new master plan proposes a range of uses for the former Colac High School, closed since 2009.

AUTHORITIES continue to insist the former Colac High School site is a state asset, despite receiving evidence the community bought the site a century ago.

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One Response to “School site tug-o-war continues”

  1. Around 1911, the Shire of Colac Council either gave cash of 1,750 pounds or gave land worth 1,750 pounds (from 1,500 pounds raised in rates and 250 pounds raised from local contributions) to the Education Department apparently by way of a “Deed of Gift” (which no one seems now able to produce as evidence) signing over 100% legal title to the Education Department, on which the Colac High School was then built.

    Almost 100 years later in 2010, Colac Otway Shire Council gave cash of $3.1 million (made up of $1.3 million raised in rates and $1.8 million raised in government grants) to the Education Department by way of a “Development and Joint Use Agreement” for around half of the construction cost of the joint use library building at Colac Secondary College, again signing over 100% legal title to the Education Department.

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