Unprovoked attack in Colac

AN unprovoked attack in central Colac sent a Colac man to hospital with facial injuries at the weekend.

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One Response to “Unprovoked attack in Colac”

  1. Unfortunately there are small percentage of people who behave in this manor, it would seem once affected by alcohol or other substances they become very violent.
    You have to ask yourself if it is such a good idea for Colac to the way of Melbourne by having venues that serve alcohol stay open so late.

    The camera’s in Murray St whilst providing excellent Police evidence after an incident has occurred do not seem to be preventing incidents from taking place.

    Surely if there had been a Police presence [flying the flag] as it is known in the vicinity of the Bank ATM incident and in relation to this incident outside the venue they may not have happened in the first place.

    Just as speed Camera’s can’t prevent a speeding vehicle from crashing, Camera’s in public places don’t prevent someone who is out of control becoming violent, more Police and less evidence of what happens when there are non is my preference.

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