Closure leaves Cressy without shop

Eurack’s Donna Crawford, left, will close the doors of Donna’s Country Café in Cressy today after three years in business. She is pictured with Cressy customer Anne Smart.

CRESSY will lose its only store when Donna’s Country Café closes its doors for the final time today.

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2 Responses to “Closure leaves Cressy without shop”

  1. Wow what a kick in the guts! It works both ways. For us locals that work out of town it is impossible to support something that closed to early for us to buy tea! My family supported the cafe as much as we could with the opening hours it was running at. To run us locals down is disappointing.

    1. Agree with you Carolyn, the attitude of Donna in this article is the attitude she displayed to the community of Cressy. We need business in the town, business that supports and works with the town, not solely only for when it suits you to open for your convenience not the convenience of your customers. A sad ending made sadder by your rudeness.

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