Apollo Bay residents protest to reopen waterfall

Frank Buchanan will lead a protest on Thursday calling for Parks Victoria to reopen Apollo Bay’s Marriner’s Falls but is urging people to show support before the authority removes signs and other infrastructure.

APOLLO BAY district residents want Parks Victoria to reopen picturesque tourist site Marriner’s Falls, and will protest for the reopening on Thursday.

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One Response to “Apollo Bay residents protest to reopen waterfall”

  1. katerina hunt

    as a local I oppose the closing of Mariners falls, it is a favourite walk of mine and one that I have recommended to hundreds of visitors in my ten years working in hospitality and tourism. For many it is a draw card as to whether or not they stay in the area, and as such its closure will mean fewer visitors to the Apollo. I deal with people looking for waterfalls on a daily basis. Now I’m sending them to the beech forest area, or Sabine falls, and most end up booking accomodation away from Apollo Bay because what they want to see is too far from there…. Don’t shut down Mariner’s!!

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