Homelessness fear over rising fuel cost

Wool Wool pensioner Penelope Lane says she can only get into Colac once a fortnight because of the cost of petrol and rising cost-of-living pressures. Dr Lane says a rise in Australia’s fuel excise will worsen her situation.

COLAC district pensioner Penelope Lane says Federal Government budget measures, including a proposed fuel excise rise, could force her into homelessness.

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2 Responses to “Homelessness fear over rising fuel cost”

  1. This is probably a bit off the topic but where is our NBN Sarah Henderson? you promised that Colac & surrounding country areas would have access to cheaper internet instead of putting up with expensive wireless internet that constantly drops out, I just heard last week that Colac is on the final NBN roll out which will be in 2019, and with all these attacks on low income people, Centrelink customers, dole & Disability Pensioners I wont be voting for you again!

  2. Phil Alexander

    Just a further example that Joe Hockey and Sarah Henderson are either out of touch with reality or they don’t give a toss about people on low incomes.
    Their tired old excuse is that they have to repair a damaged budgetary position. Most respected economists say Australia does not have a budget crisis.
    So why are they so prepared to inflict further hardship on the section of Australian society that are already suffering?
    This a mean spirited government that does not care about the most disadvantaged in our community.
    According to Joe Hockey, Penny Lane does not need to worry about an increase in the fuel tax because she should be to poor to drive a car!

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