Colac workers consider action

Bulla Dairy Foods workers will vote on taking protected industrial action after months of wage negotiations with the Colac-based company and a failure to reach an agreement.

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2 Responses to “Colac workers consider action”

  1. 1.5% is a joke in anyone’s language.restructuring of pay creates disharmony in the workforce at Bulla.anyone with a negative comment in regards to the eba is shut down pretty quick.they started blocking Fbook comments ffs.

  2. Michael Moss

    I love the Bulla icecream-yoghurt sticks.They are discounted at my local iga store an 8 pack for 2 dollars ninety nine cents. at the moment.Bulla needs to crank up the marketing of its product its efforts so far have failed.It has great products etc.It needs more salesmanship then it being based in Australia.Maybe a cartoon like character called bulla ?

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