$1.2-million upgrade boosts Colac school

Federal MP Sarah Henderson announced Sacred Heart Primary School would receive a $1.06-million boost to improve its staff and administration space. Ms Henderson made the announcement at the school’s first assembly for the year on Friday and she is pictured with Tanisha Clarke, Joseph O’Farrell and school principal Jack Lenaghan.

Federal MP Sarah Henderson announced Sacred Heart Primary School would receive a $1.06-million boost to improve its staff and administration space. She is pictured with Tanisha Clarke, Joseph O’Farrell and school principal Jack Lenaghan.

COLAC’S Sacred Heart Primary School has received a $1.06-million Federal Government grant to redevelop its staff and administration areas to meet the growing school’s needs.

The Catholic primary school has 40 staff and 406 pupils enrolled this year, and principal Jack Lenaghan said enrolments had increased by about 100 in the past decade.

“The money will provide us with important smaller learning areas as the school population grows because with more children at the school, the more children need to see speech pathologists, more children need to go to sick bay, more children need to buy a hat.

“And with more children you have more teachers and you need more toilets and more seats in the staff room.

“Altogether we will have $1.2 million for the project, with the school contributing $140,000 and the government giving us $1.06 million.”

Mr Lenaghan said Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson saw the school’s need for improved facilities first-hand when she visited to announce the $1.06-million boost through the government’s capital grants program.

“I showed Sarah through our existing facilities; our meeting room doubles as our uniform shop and archiving room and there were eight parents in there trying to buy uniforms at the same time,” he said.

“It was the third year we had applied for the money and it’s great we’ve finally been successful.

“I also hope it will be a good injection of money into the community,” Mr Lenaghan said.

“We don’t get any say over which builders do the work but I’m hoping local builders will tender for it and I hope one of them get it; then most of the $1 million goes into the community as well as improving our facilities at the school.”

Ms Henderson congratulated Sacred Heart PS on receiving the grant, saying it was an example of the government investing in the Colac community.

“These funds will ensure students at Sacred Heart have the infrastructure necessary to help them get the most out of their time at school,” Ms Henderson said.

She said the redevelopment plans were “very exciting” for the school community, which heard the positive funding news at the school’s first assembly of the year.

Mr Lenaghan said tenders would close by early July and he hoped construction would start by the end of July or early August.

He said he expected the project to take six to eight months and the school would be enjoying its new facilities during term one next year.

“It’s great but I’m not looking forward to while it’s being built; I think the gym will be turned over to administration for six to eight months.”

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9 Responses to “$1.2-million upgrade boosts Colac school”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Juggy, I’m not on Facebook. Having read many of your posts at this site I can tell you are a decent human being. I hope your daughters continue to gain a good education irrespective of which schools they go to.

  2. Colac resident

    It is great for Sacred Heart, but what a shame one of our government schools had to fight for a portable classroom when the enrolment increased by more than 50 in 2 years. It would have been even better news if Sarah Henderson had looked after them too. Both schools are quiet achievers who strive to cater for our Colac kids, so please, next time fund the need in both systems.

  3. Phil Alexander

    Juggy, you did exactly what Liberal Governments both State and Federal wanted you to do. That is, pull your kids out of the State system which absolves them from the responsibility of providing decent funding in Public Education. What is needed, and thankfully there are many parents out there who are demanding fair funding for State Education.
    Juggy, you are happy with the change of school for your children which is terrific but why should parents who elect to go private be subsidised by the tax payer. Before you say, you pay taxes too, remember it was your choice to go private.

    • Juggy

      We chose to go private because the public system was so crap! The amount of BS we had to deal with at that school is too much to list here, but I bet you would of pulled your kids from it too. It had absolutely nothing to do with Liberal or Labor, so you can leave that out of it.
      We made the choice to benefit our kids as best we could. Now that cuts back our spending money for holidays etc… but we don’t care! We just want our girls to get a GOOD education in SAFE & HAPPY environment.

    • Juggy

      So Phil, on the political side of things your saying that the Lib’s don’t care about the future of the children in public schools and are trying to run the public system into the ground… that certainly wouldn’t do them (the kids or Lib’s) any favors, a real low act,
      I honestly believe that we all have the right to the best education we can get and that the Gov, which ever party, should make sure that it is available to people from all walks of life.

      Im not sure if your on Facebook or not, but if you ever wish to contact me on there for a chat your welcome to. 🙂

  4. Phil Alexander

    Great news for the Sacred Heart school community and no doubt the upgrade was needed. However, if only this Federal Government would show the same commitment to Public Education. Instead there have been large funding cuts to State schools across the nation. Perhaps Ms. Henderson needs to visit the many State schools in the Colac region to appreciate the difficulties faced in these important educational
    institutions. Unfortunately, the ideological driven Abbott Government exhibits distaste for anything Public.

    • Juggy

      well there was a lot of money put into public schools a few year ago which was great to see. Our eldest daughter was in a public school for prep & Grade 1, but as the management (since changed) of that place left a LOT to be desired, as did the feed back & communications i had with the state education department in regards to that place, so i wouldn’t want to invest money in that system either… hence the reason we moved our girls. It does cost us a little more out of what little we have, but its a great investment.

  5. Juggy

    Fantastic news for a fantastic school! Both our daughters go there and we’re all so happy with it.