Labor picks Surf Coast councillor as Corangamite candidate

LIBBY COKER could become the Labor Party’s first female Member for Corangamite after she takes on MP Sarah Henderson at the next federal election.

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4 Responses to “Labor picks Surf Coast councillor as Corangamite candidate”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Tim you have missed my point. She is not doing a good job for the local community. She has stood mute while her government led by Abbott has attempted to make going to see a doctor more expensive, trying to sabotage medicare, has planned to cut old age pensions, wants to make it much more expensive for our kids to go to University as well a wide variety of cuts to government services essential in the Colac area. The reason most of these measures have not succeeded is because the Senate has a far greater moral compass than the Abbott Government.
    Getting your photo in the paper does not automatically make you a good member.
    Actions are far greater than words or in this case photographs!

  2. Phil, cut out the pathetic comments. Sarah Henderson is doing a good job as our local member, just like Darren Cheeseman did. The fact she is regularly in the media means she is consistently out and about in the local community. Fine to attack a party over policy and decisions like the NBN, school halls, $900 cash handout, MYKI and Vic desal plant just to name a few, but to have a go at someone for being photographed in the paper is poor form and unnecessary.

  3. Phil Alexander

    When and if Libby gets elected let’s hope she does more than just pose for photos in the local newspaper which is the want of current member Sarah Henderson.

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