Otways koala culling was to save habitat – expert

State Environment Minister Lisa Neville confirmed authorities culled more than 680 koalas from Cape Otway in 2013 and 2014. Environmental experts supported the decision, saying the koalas were likely to die from starvation after years of overeating destroyed manna gum trees.

AUTHORITIES have culled more than 680 koalas at Cape Otway to help reduce the impact of koala overpopulation.

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2 Responses to “Otways koala culling was to save habitat – expert”

  1. I take it your a local to that area area Marg… and that would be why nothing happened. Locals know squat about anything compared to the educated idiots in an office in the city.

  2. Marg Morrow

    Almost 30 years ago I spoke to a ranger at Glenaire and suggested to him to take action to eradicate some koalas. The trees were showing signs of stress then but nothing was done. So now the trees have died. To little to late.

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