Cricket president likely to step down

Colac District Cricket Association president Michael Rafaniello might step down from the role.

Colac District Cricket Association president Michael Rafaniello might step down from the role.

A NEW-LOOK Colac district cricket board could take shape after next month’s annual meeting, with president Michael Rafaniello signalling his intentions to step down.

Mr Rafaniello could join general manager Craig Murdoch in leaving his post at the August 24 meeting.

The CDCA boss said he hoped to make way for a new voice to lead the association into the future.

“I’ve done four years and three as president so I think I’ll have a break this year,” Mr Rafaniello said.

“Hopefully someone is keen to step up, but the new board will decide that.

“It’s been raised at the board, what’s our strategic plan for the next five years?” he said.

“My personal opinion is that’s a great idea, but I don’t think I’m the one to drive that, so you really need some fresh blood in there to drive that.”

Current CDCA board members met last week and Mr Rafaniello said they discussed moving the annual meeting to an earlier date in the future to give the association more time to prepare for upcoming seasons.

“There’s going to be a motion from the board to move the AGM to April in the future, so the new board can be elected and then have a few months to prepare for the up-coming season,” he said.

“As it is at the moment, we have the meeting at the end of August and it only allows six weeks and if both Craig and myself come off the board this year, it doesn’t give the new guys a lot of time.”

Mr Rafaniello said officials could bring up the possibility of two-day cricket’s return to the association with the seven Division One sides and clubs like Warrion and Birregurra, which have signalled fielding a top-grade team.

“We discussed getting a feel from all the Division One sides plus a few out of Division Two who are considering going up, what their preferred format was,” he said.

“So it won’t be so much as a vote, but more of a feeling and I guess if 80 per cent of the clubs felt they wanted to have one dayers and two-dayers, then the executive would make a decision.”

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